“Our 3 children have been students at EMA for 4 years now. It is always a positive and energetic atmosphere. They teach them the importance of being respectful, having focus and responsibility. Because of that their teachers at school are always impressed with their ability to interact, their confidence and how they are able to handle various situations. They also teach some pretty awesome martial arts skills!”
– Amy Bert

“Putting our son in EMA has been one of the best decisions we have made. It keeps him focused, active, and he is rewarded for good behavior and good grades in school. More importantly, it has given him more self confidence in himself as well as self discipline. The staff there is amazing and he is surrounded by people who will be great mentors for him as he continues his journey with EMA. Our little one can’t wait to join! Highly recommend!”
– Veronica Massey

“Since joining Exclusive Martial Arts Fitness Division I have not only lost weight, gained muscle, and toned up, but it has changed my life in so many ways. I have more confidence, have made some incredible friends, and learned things about myself I never imagined. It has helped me break out of my comfort zone. Being a mom and a wife with a crazy work schedule and lots of kids activities, going to the studio is my escape, my me time. I get an hour a day to myself where I’m not needed, no being asked questions, and I can get my stresses out. On the days I am not trying as hard as I should, the instructors there know what I am capable of and will help motivate me so I can get the best workout in. I truly cannot thank the instructors enough for what they have helped me become. I’m not to where I want to be yet, but I also never imagined myself in the shape I am in now!”
– Amy, age 33

“I joined EMA Fitness Division on a whim from an online coupon. I had never stuck with any workout program for longer than a couple of months and figured I had nothing to lose. After the first 3 classes I was hurting, feeling muscles I had never felt before, and I was aching for more. Every class I went to I felt my body getting stronger, my kicks getting higher, and my punches were hitting harder. After about a year, I went from a few push-ups on my knees to 100 push-ups on my toes. I went from kicking at thigh level to kicking above my head and looking like a total badass while doing it. I never thought I could be this strong and I’m actually looking forward to seeing how strong I can become. Thank you EMA!”
– Kelly, age 28

“I have always tried to maintain an exercise regimen throughout the years with more or less success… usually less. For the most part, everything that I did, I got bored within a couple of months, and these regimens only focused on a few aspects of my body’s conditioning. Exclusive Martial Arts Fitness Division has changed that. I have enjoyed being with this program for years. The instructors are so friendly and helpful – they are always mixing up the classes and making them fun and challenging for everyone in the class regardless of each individual’s ability. The workouts address conditioning from many different angles – from strength training, to balance and coordination, to cardio workouts. All of these things have helped me be in the best shape of my life. I have the physical conditioning to play with my kids, crank out my day as a high school teacher, and still have the energy to volunteer my time to help others. Physically I can do things now that I couldn’t do in my late teens and twenties. For me, Exclusive Martial Arts Fitness Division has been life changing.”
– Aaron, age 46


Martial Arts is the best thing you could do for your child and Exclusive Martial Arts is one of the top schools in Colorado.